Core Photos Engineer

2011 - 2012
After spending a year with the Search Infrastructure team, I switched gears and moved to the Core Photos team. This horizontal role switching is highly encouraged at Facebook. I took a failing face detection/recognition system and rebuilt it for scalability, achieving 99.9% reliability and a tagging boost of 2%. I then worked with Lubomir Bourdev to build easily reusable detection/recognition components, making it easier to drive further improvements to our tag suggestion systems. The bulk of my time with Core Photos was spent driving a major initiative to migrate all photos-related data into TAO. TAO provides access to Facebook's social graph data via a simple API that abstracts away Memcache/MySQL. The migration required extensive planning, frequent communication both within and across teams, and broad knowledge of Facebook's codebase. When I joined Core Photos, several people had previously tried and failed to gain traction on this project. By the time I left, we had successfully migrated all photo tags and had a clear plan for completing the rest of the migration.