Search Infrastructure Engineer

2010 - 2011
I built search for Facebook Groups, the first fulltext search product to use Facebook's in-house distributed graph search system. This was a full-stack project; I was responsible for everything from indexing to realtime updates to frontend development. After rollout, I maintained this product by managing a weekly push process, building dashboards, and working with teammates to resolve operational issues. I also improved search quality, using detailed query log analysis to prioritize fixes to the indexing process and UI. After that, I worked more closely with the Search Infrastructure team on improving our core graph search system. I automated index builds, making the process of pushing our 50 TB index quicker and more reliable. As part of the oncall rotation, I periodically managed that push process end-to-end. I instrumented our system to report a breakdown of CPU/network usage, allowing us to precisely target our optimizations at specific common queries and high-volume callers.